[NLNOG] Request to take part in a 2-min survey \"IPv6 adoption.\"

Jaap Akkerhuis jaap at NLnetLabs.nl
Thu Jan 27 09:15:15 CET 2022

 Pim van Pelt writes:

 > Hoi Smahane,
 > Thanks for the email and your survey. I filled it out for you, but did want
 > to note that your survey asks those of us who work at a
 > multi-national provider to leave the country field blank, but when I did
 > so, the submit button refused and asked me to explicitly add a country
 > anyway. In case others find the same issue, you may be able to correct
 > before the survey closes, although it'd slightly taint the responses :)

One could use de ISO code "zz" in this case. If I remember correctly,
that is what the ripe whois database  uses as well when the country
can not be defined.


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