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Jeroen Wunnink Jeroen.Wunnink at gtt.net
Tue Mar 17 15:56:09 CET 2020

I've pushed below thread from Job over to our extended leadership team today. It will be discussed in the weekly executive company call this week, spanning our global reach.

Other actions ongoing/to consider:

On our side there's now a very pro-active push on network stability (network freezes unless critical are going in effect) and capacity expansions very short term on our side to catch the growing bandwidth demands over the upcoming weeks and months on paths we see or expect traffic to increase. We've had some very big players ask for large capacity upgrades and up to how much physical port capacity they will be able to burst well over their committed/expected levels. This is expected to grow quite a bit more.

'old' 10G waves are being redeployed/added in a world where the push has been to convert to mainly 100G, allowing us to carry this increased bandwidth need on very short notice. The hardware and infra for legacy 10G is still in place in many cases. 

Also take into account; Once countries fully lock down, it massively complicates fieldops, warehouses, datacenters, etc. to get stuff in place where it needs to be.  If you have spare kit cold-shelved, it might be prudent to start distributing this over your important core and/or key locations to have it easily and quickly accessible in case you need to expand or replace broken components.

Check with your local government if your fieldops can get excempt status for any full lockdown scenarios in advance. These people should be excempt as crucial key staff in keeping our networks running and have full liberty to move around between infrastructure connection points. You and me understand it, the patrolling police officers upholding curfew might likely not.

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´╗┐On 16/03/2020, 12:02, "NLNOG on behalf of Job Snijders" <nlnog-bounces at nlnog.net on behalf of job at instituut.net> wrote:

    Dear all,
    A plea - do NOT terminate anyone's internet or hosting service for silly
    pre-corona reasons such as 'we want money'. Right now we are facing a
    pandamic of propotions nobody alive has ever seen. Act responsibily and
    accordingly: do not shut anything down. Please! :-)
    To illustrate, in the Netherlands we have been put on lockdown because
    of the C19 biohazard - you are expected to *only* leave your house if it
    is absolutely critical to leave your house, such as to pick up food from
    the food distribution centers, get meds, go work in a hospital, etc.
    At the same time... we have no idea where everyone is and who is using
    what Interconnect to do what vital work. Maybe I'm fixing some important
    BGP thingy via my neighbor's wifi? Maybe she didn't pay her bills?
    Should she be cut off?  Maybe next to her someone was freeloading on
    that same wifi to look up medical data? Why risk the collatoral damage
    of cutting anyone off?
    The *safest* thing to do right now is to not terminate anyone's access
    to information (be it connectivity, storage, compute, whatever).
    We'll mop up society's collective bills at a later point in time, after
    we deal with the immediate urgency at hand. And during this crisis we
    have to keep this Internet thing running and available to anyone who may
    need it.
    Kind regards,
    ps. please remove rate limiters / data caps where possible. Now is not a
    time to say 'you only paid for 1 megabit, you only get one megabit'.
    Make it so that where possible, the access pipes be utilised to the
    fullest extend. Don't throttle anyone, you never know whose lives were
    depending on fast access.
    In short: we need more thinking in this direction than the opposite:
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