[NLNOG] Don't terminate anyone's internet connections

Job Snijders job at instituut.net
Mon Mar 16 12:27:55 CET 2020

Dear Marco,

On Mon, Mar 16, 2020, at 12:21, Marco Hogewoning wrote:
> > On 16 Mar 2020, at 12:01, Job Snijders <job at instituut.net> wrote:
> > 
> > A plea - do NOT terminate anyone's internet or hosting service for silly
> > pre-corona reasons such as 'we want money'. Right now we are facing a
> > pandamic of propotions nobody alive has ever seen. Act responsibily and
> > accordingly: do not shut anything down. Please! :-)
> Hear hear,
> Can I maybe add "postpone all non-critical maintenance"? If it ain't 
> broke, don't try to fix it.
> So unless you are adding capacity to support those working from home, 
> you probably do everybody a big favour if you don't touch anything 
> unless there is an outage or something you know for sure will cause an 
> outage soon.
> Stability is key here,

Absolutely agreed. We all need to think very carefully about whether a change is critical or not.

It's not just capacity though - at $employer we plan to deploy RPKI OV later this month - this is a big change, a colossal project. Since stability indeed is of utmost importance, we must do what we can to protect against BGP hijacks of any kind. I don't see any other option than to protect the Internet network as best as we can and hopefully it will be of use to someone somewhere.

I don't know who had planned what changes where - I can't judge if those changes would be critical or not, I hope can help each other better understand what must be done next.

Kind regards,


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