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Pim van Stam pim at vanstam-ict.nl
Wed Jan 15 16:39:14 CET 2020

Kan iemand deze man helpen?

Toetsen vd Mac afgevallen en zoekt een goede winkel in A’dam
Ik ben niet zo thuis in Amsterdam

Groet, Pim

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> Hi all.
> Apologies for the off-topic post and for asking about the wrong country, but I'll be in Amsterdam next week for a couple of days, and am in need of keys for a mid-2017 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro Touch Bar.
> Many of the keys on my unit have failed their hinge slots, and the only replacement options in South Africa are the whole keyboard or unibody chassis. I just need the keys since the underlying (butterfly) mechanism is fine on all affected keys. It's just the hinge slots that fail over time and end up wedging the entire system, manifesting as a sticky or unresponsive key.
> Private replies on which shops I can walk into in Amsterdam are most welcome.
> And once again, apologies for the noise. Thanks.
> Mark.

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