[NLNOG] KPN doesn't seem to pick up new routes from AS31383

Bart van Dam | Computel Standby b.vandam at computel.nl
Wed Jan 24 17:38:30 CET 2024

Good evening,

We're currently making changes to our route announcements to migrate ranges to a new datacenter.
We created the new route objects a couple days ago in the RIPE database and started announcing a test range yesterday evening.

To specify, we are AS31383, we announce on our current BGP routers and started announcing on our new ones in the other datacenter.
The problem we ran into is that it looks like KPN isn't picking up the new route, other big providers like VodafoneZiggo or Odido seem to work just fine.

I was wondering if there is anyone on this mailing list able to help or shed some light on our current situation.
Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

With kind regards,

Bart van Dam
Computel Stand-by B.V.

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