[NLNOG] FW: [ncc-announce] [GM] RIPE NCC General Meeting: One Week to Register

Erik Bais erik at bais.name
Mon May 20 17:08:05 CEST 2019

    Dear NLNOG community,  ( Ik heb de complete email in the Engels gedaan, zodat ook de non-Dutchies op de lijst kunnen meelezen. ) 
    As you might know, this week there is a RIPE meeting in Iceland and some of you may or may not know that as a member of RIPE, you are invited to vote on the General Meeting.  
    You can register for remote voting if you are not present at the RIPE78 in person. And as with the EU voting, it is important that we as a Dutch community vote. 
    Axel Pawlik (the CEO of RIPE NCC) send out the email below to the ncc-announce list. But you may not be on the mailing list... hence this reminder.  
    There are a couple important topics where we like you to vote for..  ( https://www.ripe.net/participate/meetings/gm/meetings/may-2019/supporting-documents ) 
    1) voting schema .. 
    2) new Executive Board members 
    1) On the voting schema, the current Executive Board have provided a couple variations on the current ( 1 member, 1 fee ) model .. for 1400 euro p/year. 
    For simplicity reasons, this is the easiest for the RIPE NCC, it removes all the difficult invoice creation (which might give additional operational cost.) as all LIR's / Members get charged the same amount. 
    The other options are looking more into charging per resource objects.. like 50 euro per allocation (v4 and v6 ) & AS number(s) but not only for PI space, but also for PA space. 
    So for LIR's that hold more than a single allocation, things will quickly be cheaper with the current (easier) charging schema.. ( Option A) 
    Keeping things as they are :  Vote for Option A. 
    2) There are 2 new seats available to vote for on the Executive Board of the RIPE NCC.  
    Remco van Mook (CEO of Asteroid IXP) is re-running for the seat on the executive board.. And as a Dutch NLNOG, I think it is good to support him, for his great work already done in the past, specifically on the stability on the financial side of the RIPE NCC. 
    And there are a number of other candidates that you can vote for.  
    On the list is the co-Chair for the Database Working Group and Chair for the Accountability Task Force, William Sylvester. 
    From all the candidates, I personally like to ask you to support Remco and William for the seats at the Exec. Board.  
    I've known both for years and worked with them in the community and hope to do so in the future to help us all moving forward. 
    On how the voting system ...
    BigPulse system is used for voting .. and in order to give your top 2 candidates the best chance of winning, it is important to pick the other candidates as well.  
    Because once the first candidate is selected, the system is going to look who is the next running, without the votes on the first round.. 
    So in order to give your candidate the most voting chance .. make sure you select all 7 names. 
    Currently only 69 LIR's have registered to vote for the GM at RIPE this week, we can do a lot better and your vote counts.  
    Sorry for the long read ... And looking forward to your support on the GM voting. 
    You can register now at:  https://www.ripe.net/s/gm-registration-may-2019  
    Erik Bais 
    On 15/05/2019, 16:17, "ncc-announce on behalf of Axel Pawlik" <ncc-announce-bounces at ripe.net on behalf of agm at ripe.net> wrote:
        Dear RIPE NCC members,
        There is one week left to register for the RIPE NCC General Meeting 
        (GM), which takes place from Wednesday, 22 May 2019 at 18:00 UTC.
        *Online registration for the GM closes at 16:00 UTC on Wednesday, 22 May 
        You can register now at:
        Over 1,400 members have registered to vote, and we hope to see this 
        number increase before the GM opens. Members who register for the GM 
        will receive links to participate and vote remotely on 22 May.
        At this GM, you can vote on five resolutions:
        - The General Meeting adopts the RIPE NCC Financial Report 2018.
        - The General Meeting discharges the Executive Board with regard to its 
        actions as they appear from the Annual Report 2018 and Financial Report 
        - The General Meeting approves the adoption of the RIPE NCC Charging 
        Scheme 2020 option that received the absolute majority of the votes 
        - The General Meeting approves the amendments to the RIPE NCC Articles 
        of Association.
        - The General Meeting approves the amendments to the RIPE NCC Standard 
        Service Agreement.
        You can also vote in the Executive Board election to fill two seats. 
        There are seven confirmed candidates in the running, and their 
        biographies and motivation statements are available at:
        All information on the GM, including links to the supporting documents, 
        can be found on the GM homepage:
        We look forward to your participation in this important meeting for the 
        RIPE NCC and its members.
        Kind regards,
        Axel Pawlik
        Managing Director
        RIPE NCC

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