[Nlnog] Een borrel EN een GPG key signing ?

Erik Bais erik at bais.name
Thu Nov 10 15:26:38 UTC 2005

At 16:05 10-11-2005, you wrote:

>++ 10/11/05 15:59 +0100 - Erik Bais:
> >Zijn er ergens signing policies te vinden online ? ( aka peering policies ?
>Die zijn er zeker. In de regel private, weinig generieks:
>   http://www.vanheusden.com/pgp-key-signing-policy.html

hmm.. using a Thrusted Third Party for the Key exchange..

Use your bar as a trusted third party.
?       Send one beer to my table. Bar Tab account: 330648918
?       In the description-note for the bartender write down your:
?       e-mail address
?       key-id
?       Send me an SMS that you did so and make sure that your SMS is 
signed with the key you want to have signed
After I received the beer and the SMS, I'll sign your key and send back a 
SMS that I did so. Including a beer as my way of saying thanks.
Please contact me if you don't have an account with a Dutch bar (located in 
The Netherlands) as high costs may be involved(!).

Leuke suggestie Rejo :)


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