[Nlnog] Cisco Telnet, anyone ?

Nils Kolstein N.Kolstein at kpn-is.nl
Fri Aug 27 11:37:31 UTC 2004

> Hi,
> http://www.cisco.com/warp/public/707/cisco-sa-20040827-telnet.shtml
> ----
>  A specifically crafted Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) 
> connection to  a telnet or reverse telnet port of a Cisco 
> device running Internetwork  Operating System (IOS)(r) may 
> block further telnet, reverse telnet,  Remote Shell (RSH), 
> Secure Shell (SSH), and in some cases Hypertext  Transport 
> Protocol (HTTP) access to the Cisco device. Telnet, reverse  
> telnet, RSH and SSH sessions established prior to 
> exploitation are not  affected.
> ----
> dus.. ;)

Zucht.. Ik dacht al, het was al weer even geleden dat er weer een Cisco
bugje voorbij kwam.. ;-))


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