[Nlnog] Cisco?

Jim Segrave jes at nl.demon.net
Tue Sep 9 08:11:26 UTC 2003

On Mon 08 Sep 2003 (21:40 +0200), Erik Bais wrote:
> I would be more than interested in the amount of new destinations the
> different vendors can sustain with their hardware. 
> I've seen the tests like this in the Juniper poc lab and I'm very keep to see
> something like this on the Alpine's / BD's. 
> I've been told by Luuk from Extreme that he would like to see some tests like
> this as well and if we needed some kit for the test he would see where he
> could help out.  ( alpine / BD / ixia in the lab that sort of things..) 

I can tell you that I know of a network where Black Diamonds doing
layer 3 routeing fell over in the face of Msblaster and the follow-up
worms because the cache for flows overflowed.

(you can return to nederlands again, you know)

Jim Segrave           jes at nl.demon.net

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