[NLNOG] NLNOG hosting a Local Hub for RIPE88?

Vesna Manojlovic @ RIPE.net becha at ripe.net
Tue Apr 30 12:59:30 CEST 2024

Dear Dutch NOG/RIPE colleagues,

if you are planning to follow RIPE88 remotely [1] - I suggest to get 
together with a few others, maybe even together with others from 
adjacent communities (IXPs, hackerspaces...) and jointly organise a 
Local Hub [2] !

We already have 3 confirmed Local Hubs (Ukraine, Poland, Italy) [3], 
with 3 more in the pipeline.

Last year, in addition to the "main" meeting in Rome, RIPE community had 
good experiences with "remote yet together" participation in Local Hubs 
in Bruges (BE-NOG!), Kyiv, Rotterdam, Sanaa, Tallinn & Amsterdam. 
(TechInc hackerspace)

Deadline is coming up, so please apply ASAP, if you are interested.


[1] 20-24.May, Krakow: https://ripe88.ripe.net/
[2] https://ripe88.ripe.net/attend/call-for-local-hubs/
[3] https://ripe88.ripe.net/attend/call-for-local-hubs/local-hubs/

Senior Community Builder, RIPE NCC

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