Teun Vink teun at teun.tv
Wed Oct 12 23:15:26 CEST 2022

Hi all,

Since not all NLNOG Looking Glass peers are subscribed to the ring-users 
mailinglist, I’m copying this mail here. If you never heard of the 
NLNOG Looking glass, this is the moment to check it out at 

A few weeks ago we moved the NLNOG Looking Glass 
(https://lg.ring.nlnog.net) to a new server, with new IP addresses. 
Although the old addresses work for now, there will come a time 
(possibly soon) that it will become unavailable, and we’d lose all 
sessions that haven’t been moved to the new address.

A list of all peers which are still using the old addresses can be found 
here: https://paste.ring.nlnog.net/p/SPvXg3XZC3VBEB9qEuggDVoz. Please 
change the addresses if you manage a device on the list. The correct 
addresses are:

     IPv6: 2001:7b8:62b:1:0:d4ff:fe72:7848
     AS: 199036 (unchanged)

Feel free to contact the RING Admins (ring-admins at nlnog.net, or give 
shout in #ring on IRCNet) if you have problems renumbering your router.

In addition, there’s also a fair number of peers which are down on 
both the old and new IP addresses: 
https://paste.ring.nlnog.net/p/eZ52AjcTVH9FhNC5JAus8Qdy. If you manage a 
device on the list, please fix it or let us know if the session should 
be removed on our side.

If you’re not peering with the NLNOG Looking Glass and are willing to 
provide us routes, please set up sessions and let us know yours, or send 
us a pull request for 

And last but not least: we’re still looking for BGP community 
descriptions for many ASNs. You can read more on how to create a file 
for community descriptions on  
https://github.com/NLNOG/lg.ring.nlnog.net (and create a pull request 
there), or send us the community documentation for an ASN.

Thanks a lot!

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