[NLNOG] No more coffee.....

Nathalie Trenaman nathalie at ripe.net
Thu Nov 4 15:07:32 CET 2021

Hi all,

When we all were forced to work from home last year, we decided to set up a Jitsi server where we could have a virtual coffee at 11 Dutch time. 
For a while, this was quite frequently visited and it was good to catch up virtually. 
Later, the “zoom-fatigue” became real and people were a bit fed up with spending all hours behind a screen, and the jitsi room became less popular.

Recently, we discovered that the jitsi server was kind of broken and we, as the board decided not to fix it, since nobody had reported this and there was not much interest for the virtual coffees anymore anyway. 
So, we would like to thank you for all the coffee chats, but we really hope to see you soon in person again!

Teun, Niels, Melchior, Niels, Thomas and Nathalie

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