[NLNOG] NLNOG Cheese Exchange @ RIPE79

Nathalie Trenaman nathalie at ripe.net
Mon Sep 23 12:05:21 CEST 2019

Hi all,

While we are still looking back to a fantastic NLNOGday (did you know all videos are online? Check https://nlnog.net/nlnog-day-2019/ <https://nlnog.net/nlnog-day-2019/>), we’re already looking forward to our next event!

On Tuesday 15 October, NLNOG will host the Cheese Exchange at RIPE79 in Rotterdam. If you are attending RIPE79, you are invited to join us!

"What is a cheese exchange?”
People bring cheese, (and/or port, wine, bread, dried fruit, nuts) that they like or from their region to share with others. We expect quite a variety of Dutch cheeses. It can’t be cheesy enough!

“Sounds cool! Do I have to register?”
Nope, just come by and bring your cheese!

“What time and where?”
17:30 - 18:30 in the side room/tutorial room

Please feel free to share this with anyone attending RIPE79!

Looking forward to see you at our cheesy event :)

The NLNOG crew

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