[NLNOG] BGP Filter Guide

Job Snijders job at ntt.net
Wed May 17 13:34:38 CEST 2017

Dear NLNOGers,

We recently kickstarted a small effort to create a repository of
guidance on developing sane BGP filters. 


The goal is to provide a go-to place which will help you develop a
comprehensive route filtering policy tailored to your specific context.

The guide is not meant as "blindly copy+paste this", but it should
provide you with sufficient guidance to help you create your own
filters. Afterall, each network operates in autonomy and will have their
own considerations.

The filtering guide is in its early stages: there is work to be done to
improve the readability and internal consistency, and additional topics
and aspects need to be added.

If you want to contribute, just submit a pull-request via
https://github.com/nlnog/bgpfilterguide . The guides themselves are
simple markdown files as is visible here

In case you identify an area which is not yet covered by one of the
guides please consider opening a 'github issue' at
https://github.com/nlnog/bgpfilterguide/issues so someone else can
consider writing the guide.

The entire project is hosted on github and using github's jekyll service
for publication. So if you clone the repository you have everything it

Please consider contributing in the following areas:

    - add new guides or extend use cases
    - readability improvements
    - open issues on topics that need to be addressed

I'd like to thank Erik Bais for proposing and contributing to this

Kind regards,


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