[Nlnog] Kan weer leuk worden... NISCC Vulnerability Advisory ICMP

G.J. Moed gjmoed at xenosite.net
Tue Apr 12 12:54:54 UTC 2005

Title: NISCC Vulnerability Advisory ICMP - 532967

Abstract: ICMP is the control protocol for IP (Internet Protocol), a 
core network protocol used in the majority of networked computer systems 
today. Most vendors include support for this protocol in their products 
and may be impacted to varying degrees. Furthermore any network service 
or application that relies on a long-lived TCP connection will also be 
impacted if the host processes ICMP messages in accordance with RFC 
1122. For the Source Quench attack the severity will depend on the 
throughput of the TCP connection; the application may well become unusable.

Vendors affected: multiple

Operating Systems affected: multiple

Applications/Services affected: multiple

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