[Nlnog] Re: Drops BGP sessions in AMSIX.

Arien Vijn arien.vijn at ams-ix.net
Sat Jan 25 10:46:00 UTC 2003

On 25-01-2003 11:21AM, "Alex Bik" <alex at bit.nl> wrote:

> On Sat, 25 Jan 2003, Arien Vijn wrote:
>>> It seems to be no DoS attack.
>> No DoS attack?
> It seems to be a worm with the effect of a DoS attack. So DoS is the
> result, but it's not really an attack. The huge bandwith consumtion with
> small packets cause problems at the source rather than at the
> destination. More or less like code red, but far worse and without a
> fixed destination address.

I see, thanks for the explanation :-)

> There is a thread about this starting at NANOG, see
> http://www.merit.edu/mail.archives/nanog/threads.html#06618

Yeah I saw those once the phone started to ring this morning.



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